compartner AG

compartner AG is an expert for server software license optimization and client software usage analysis. Tools OSLIB - Online Server License Balancing and CLUSA - Client License Usage Software Analysis allow customers to analyze and optimize their software licenses in volatile and complex software environments. Moreover, all factors like architecture, technology, and infrastracture are taken into concern. OSLIB und CLUSA allows to determine in real-time changes of the system environment. compartner bundles competence regarding various software vendors and license metrics with knowledge about license management processes as well as skill in the context of data integration to one extraordinary expert team. Companies are supported by compartner as a vendor-independent technology leader in order to obtain transparency, to reduce costs and ensure compliance.

Detecon International GmbH

Detecon is a leading, world-wide acting consoluting company and combines since over 30 years management consulting with high competence in technologies. Main services are provided in the context of digital transformation: Detecon supports companies from all domains to adapt their business models and operational processes utilizing modern ICT to market conditions, customer requires of an digital and global economy.
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global IT systems GmbH

The global IT Group consists of the following companies: global IT consulting GmbH (staff leasing) sowie der global IT systems GmbH (system house). global IT systems is speazialized on IT Asset Management and, in particular, on Software Asset Management (SAM). Services include process, license, and contract optimization as well as support in the context of SAM tool evaluation, implementation, adaptation and operation of SAM tooling. Furthermore, a cloud-based SAM full service is offerend (leanSAM). In particular, global IT systems is a vendor independent and consulting company to help customers to obtain license transpareny, efficiency, cost savings and compliance.
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ProLicense GmbH

The ProLicense GmbH advises Oracle customers for years at compliance issues and shows companies in which software costs can be reduced significantly. Especially in the Case of an audit has ProLicense special expertise. The two founders of ProLicense (lawyer Sören Reimers and businessman Christian Grave) have worked for more than eight years in various positions at Oracle. Overall, the consultants of ProLicense have accumulated over 80 years experiences with the manufacturer Oracle. ProLicense is a completely independent consulting company, does not receive remuneration from Oracle and does not receive kickbacks from other software distributors. The remuneration of ProLicense GmbH is usually successbased directly from the customer.

SecurIntegation GmbH

SecurIntegration GmbH is an expert for SAP license optimization and administration located in Cologne, Germany.
We provide a holistic approach in order to strengthen your position against SAP. For this, we achieve transparency for the accounting and technical side. Our software Software-License-Compliance (SLC) connects your SAP contract and your actual license usage to provide a customized SAP license management.


For over 10 years, the TOP TECHNOLOGIES Consulting GmbH consults major customers in the strategic and operational direction of their software asset management. We are independent and neither sell tools nor licenses, and our customers appreciate that. We help to discover risks and potentials for optimization in software license management by validating the contractually agreed software usage, assess deviations and risks, and identify control weaknesses. We create transparency in the current processes and the maturity of software asset management, implement best practices for SAM and develop a realistic roadmap for achieving a more optimal maturity. Our modular service spectrum ranges from "friendly audit " to strategic design and operation of complex, internationally based license management organizations.
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zIT Consulting GmbH

zIT Consulting GmbH was founded 2011. The founders worked together as consultants for years in the context of pricing of IBM System z. To maintain costs zIT Consulting provide the tools zPrice Manager and zDynaCap, which are applied in insurance companies, banks and other domains. Customers of 10 countries show the internationality of zIT Consulting.


Managing Board

Martin Aich
global IT systems GmbH
Sören Reimers
Vize President
ProLicense GmbH
Michael Hannemann