CLA members group their long experience and manifold competence in order to support customers performing a proper Software Asset Management:

icon_arrow Research

  • Cooperation with Ulm University and Magdeburg University

icon_arrow Experts

  • Know-How, Interim Management & License Experts

icon_organisation Organization

  • Development of License Management Strategies
  • Clarify Roles and Responsibilities (Organizational Structure)
  • Process Analysis, Design, and Optimization
  • Analysis and Optimization of IT architectures
  • MSU Usage Optimization
  • System and IT assets analysis, migration and transformation
  • Internal license cost billing
  • Etablishment of ITIL processes

icon_uptrending Tooling

  • Selection and Implementation of Software Asset Management (SAM) and Software Optimization (SOM) tools
  • Usage, implementation, customizing and operation of SAM and SOM tooling support
  • Individual software solutions
  • Szenario simuliation

icon_arrow License Usage

  • Evaluation of actual license usage
  • physical and virtual infrastructure analysis
  • Usage and contract comparison
  • Opimiziation of hosts, server, clients and mobile devices
  • Support of system measurement

icon_processes Contracts/Audits

  • Contract preparation and negotiation support
  • Performing pre-audits
  • Audits preparation and execution
  • License cost reduction
  • Managing risks and ensuring compliance

icon_uptrending Operation

  • Provisioning of adequate SAM and SOM tools
  • Cloud-based software license management (Managed SAM Service)

icon_organisation Cross-manufacturer

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